Commercial & Industrial Excavating Services in Janesville, WI


Silha & Sons Excavating provides complete sitework services in both the private and public sectors in Southern Wisconsin, from mass grading and excavation for all phases of underground utilities to site clearing and demolition. From large-scale earth moving to conveniently located pits covering all of Rock County, Silha has the breadth of services, depth of knowledge and flexibility to easily complete the most complex of jobs.

With the latest technology and high-end services, Silha possesses a level of professionalism that distinguishes it from other excavation firms in Southern Wisconsin. This means Silha can complete large, multi-phase projects with accuracy and ease, while remaining economical and delivering outstanding customer service.

Excavating Sitework Services in Southern Wisconsin


Frank Silha & Sons, Inc. is proudly affiliated with the following organizations:
Forward Janesville
Champions Club
Aggregate Producers of Wisconsin